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To update you December 6, 2009

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What a crazy, crazy time it’s been since Thanksgiving!

To start off, my roommate Sara got engaged. In the middle of the Puget Sound, to make it that much better. Just kidding, it was a very sweet proposal and now we’re heavy into planning mode. Because of my interest in planning weddings for the rest of my life, I’m starting with hers! 🙂 We’ve got a color scheme, a tentative date, we know exactly how we’re doing the invitations. I’m basically sick with excitement and I’m absolutely LOVING the planning part of all this. Her blog can be found at:

The Saturday after Thanksgiving is traditionally Bedlam Saturday, which is just a fancy name for the annual OU/OSU game. Normally, we don’t even pay attention to Bedlam. “Oh, what, OSU’s here? Okay, cool.” But this year, with the season in turmoil and all our injuries, no one really knew what to expect. Even though we were playing in Norman (where we had the nation’s longest home-winning streak with 29 wins), Sooner Nation was a little worried. OSU had a good team, probably the best they’ve ever have, and beating us would guarantee them an automatic BCS bowl berth, the first in school history.

Needless to say, we denied them. We denied them hard. After an unproductive first quarter for both teams, our defense stepped it up to hold their offense to very little yards and our offense made it happen. Finally. We won, 27-0.

Now that football season is over until the bowl trip, I’ve turned my attention fully to women’s basketball. Let’s talk about Whitney Hand. I love her. LOVE her. Like, want-to-be-her-best-friend-forever-and-sit-around-and-braid-each-other’s-hair-eating-cookie-dough-and-talking-about-boys love her. In case you haven’t heard, she broke herself in the Virgin Islands. Which, I mean, what a way to go, but seriously? We all hoped it was just a sprain or a bruise. No no. Naturally, it’s a completely torn ACL. She’s out for the season. Awesome. OU’s luck this year SUCKS.

I also interviewed for a spot with the women’s basketball team. I haven’t heard anything back yet, but I’m definitely hoping that I get it. It would make my life, obviously, since I love them so much.

My life is a hot mess.