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Full Circle December 16, 2009

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Strangely enough, I write my last required blog entry of the semester about the same topic I wrote my first entry about: the Duggars and Number 19.

Although she wasn’t due until March 18, little Josie Duggar made her appearance a few days ago, weighing only one pound, six ounces. Turns out, Michelle had preeclampsia, which is when the mother’s blood pressure is really high. Obviously, having babies in your forties isn’t safe. Having your nineteenth baby in your forties is probably even worse. I hope this baby makes it out of the NICU (last reports refer to her as “stable”), but I seriously think the Duggars need to take a step back and consider the options.

In the vein of the Quiverfull movement, maybe this is God’s way of telling you to stop already. You have nineteen children and a grandchild. You’re going to be surrounded by babies for the rest of your natural lives. I promise that you will never get rid of your grandchildren.

Again, I do completely respect them and their religious beliefs, but when pregnancies are causing health problems not only for the mother, but also the baby, I feel like someone should step in and tell her that what she’s doing is not only unsafe for anyone involved, it’s also rather selfish. Why inflict that much pain on an innocent child?

Seriously, Duggars. Keep it in yo’ pants.