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Do what you love, love what you do. November 2, 2009

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I’m very sick.  Really, I even went to the doctor and everything, which if you know me, you realize it’s kind of a big deal if I break down and go to the doctor.

I went to Goddard this morning because it’s cheap and I didn’t have anything else to do and I figured that actually finding out what was wrong with me was probably more important than going to class when I may or may not have the flu.  So I woke up kind of early and went to Goddard, trusty book in tow, because I know how Goddard works.

It was the most amazing two and a half hours I’ve spent in the last semester because I actually got to read.

I was an early reader and I never really settled for that ridiculous children’s book thing.  I liked chapter books.  Books with substance and characters and settings and complex motifs.  In other words, I was a writer from birth.  As a child, I very much liked deconstructing the written word and finding something deeper in them.  Analyzing word choice has always been one of my favorite things to do, which probably explains why I find Dickens and Faulkner terribly dull.

When I came to college, I was saddened to have any of the rare free time I had sucked up by studying or sleeping.  I missed my words, whether I was reading them or writing them.  When I had breaks, I devoured books like they were going to be taken from me forever.  Going nine months out of the year with no entertaining fiction was like torture to me.

More than I missed reading, I missed writing.  I had gained quite a following online and in certain fandoms that will remain unnamed.  I loved shaping the characters that someone else had created and making my own story lines from their meticulously crafted worlds.  When you’re studying to be a doctor, the time to write is nonexistent, and I accepted the fact that I would never write again.

When grades came in at the end of my first semester, it became painfully clear that I needed to pick a better major.  I tried my hand at literature, because of my love for analysis, but I discovered that my analysis didn’t always agree with my professor’s analysis, which was kind of necessary for success in those classes.

Through a friend, I learned about the Professional Writing program in the College of Journalism, and I less than jumped at the opportunity, but tried it for lack of a better idea.  What I found in my Writing for Mass Media class was a home.  We were learning mechanics that had always come so naturally to me I didn’t even realize there were rules.  We were editing, writing, making mistakes, learning about the business, and reading stories that we weren’t required to write ten page papers over.
So now I’m doing what I love.  It probably won’t make me any money whatsoever, but I’ll deal.  Maybe I’ll even get lucky and sell a novel or two.  For now, thanks for reading.

Maybe I’ll sign something for you one day.


I have the most boring life ever October 25, 2009

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It’s true.  I don’t do anything.  I sit around and study and watch Bones and knit things.  Seriously.

Right now, I’m working on two hat and scarf sets for various people and I’m doing two scarves for myself.  I go to Pride and I go to football games and I go home and knit.  I’m very boring.

Also, sad news.  Sam Bradford (also known as My Future Husband) has elected to have surgery on his shoulder on Wednesday and then will enter the NFL draft next spring.  This makes me very very sad because if he’s not here, it’s obviously going to be very hard for him to meet and fall in love with me.  However, I love him a lot and will watch him play football wherever he goes next year.  Unless it’s Dallas.  Then I’ll have problems.

I also went home this weekend, which was fun, I guess until I had to leave.  I had issues.  Because I’m so done with this semester and all the drama that has stemmed from it.  I’m even tired of football season, which is really sad because normally I love football season. Couple that with the fact that MFH is leaving me and…  No bueno semester.

I have 49 hours left in my degree and I still don’t know what I want to do with the rest of my life.  Most days I feel like I’m getting a completely useless degree and I’ll end up working in fast food for the rest of my life, which is SO not where I wanna be.  Two summers of Sonic was enough for me.

No, I lie.  Because I know what I want to do: plan weddings.  Yep.  Every detail.  From the flowers on the pews to the cake, I want to plan and coordinate weddings.  I’m so organized, it would be the perfect thing for me to do.  But how do you get into the field?  I don’t have a business degree so I have no clue as to how to start a business.



The Day I Almost Tripped 150 People October 12, 2009

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So there was a football game yesterday in Norman. It was also Pride Parents’ Weekend, which means my mother and my nanny came to watch me march with the Pride. I was very excited, especially about pregame because pregame is my favorite part of what we do.

The parade was fine and then we went to sit in the tunnels, where we drink water and sit and socialize until we had to line up to go onto the field for pregame. It’s probably important for you to know that above the entrance to each tunnel, is a white rectangle with the word PRIDE painted inside them. It’s tradition to jump up and hit the word while running onto the field. I have had no problems with this for the last two home game. On Saturday, however, I must have mistimed it.
The Pride paint in the tunnel
My fingertips scraped the edge of the cement and when I landed on my knee, I felt it buckle beneath me and I flew through the air and slid through the tunnel. The only thought I had in my head was, “Get out of the way because there are 100 other people who have to run through this tunnel.”

I plastered myself against the wall and thought everything was peachy until a flute player’s leg caught the top joint of my clarinet and it slid even farther from my grasp. I could hear the drum cadence winding down, and the only thing I remember thinking was “Get on the field, because Mr. Britt will kill you if you don’t march pregame.”

I ran quick like a bunny and made it onto the field just in time to pivot to face the south and play the fanfare, which I definitely would have done, had it not been for my reed that was completely ruined and my mouthpiece, which had a giant chunk out of it.

I was fine until we finished pregame and started running to our seats. My friend, Danielle, caught me and I told her the story through my tears. She laughed, which made me laugh because, really? The entire thing is a little bit ridiculous.

So I fell running out of the tunnels. Whatever. I didn’t break myself, I didn’t break my clarinet, and I didn’t ruin my uniform. Sam Bradford (My Future Husband) got to play again and we beat Baylor. My mom and grandma got to come up for a game and see me march. AND IT FINALLY QUIT RAINING!!!!!!!

We’re heading to Dallas this week and the only thing I have left to say is… BEAT THE HELL OUT OF SAXET!


Top 10 Buffy and Angel Episodes September 29, 2009

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I forced my roommates to enter Whedon-verse.  They should probably thank me.

Last week, Entertainment Weekly posted an online article delineating the top 25 Whedon-verse episodes ever.  And while I’ve never seen Firefly or Dollhouse (although both are definitely on my Netflix list) I enjoyed the list and I decided to make my own.  Because I can.  So, here we go, Meghan’s top 10 Buffy/Angel episodes.

10. “Grave” Buffy, 6.22

The yellow crayon speech and Evil!Willow will always be two of my favorite things in Whedon-verse.

9. “Chosen” Buffy, 7.22

Although I’m not completely happy with the way the series ended, I still really, really love Spike in this episode. Another tear jerker.

8. “Lullaby” Angel. 3.9

Who would have thought that Darla of all people (or vampires) could and did redeem herself?

7. “Conversations with Dead People” Buffy, 7.7

Terrifies me.  Every single time.

6. “The Gift” Buffy, 5.22

Oh my lamb.  I have no words.

5. “Becoming Parts 1 and 2” Buffy, 2.21 and 2.22

“I love you…” makes me cry like a baby every single time.

4.  “I Will Remember You” Angel, 1.8

What’s worse: not being able to remember or having to?

3. “Hush” Buffy, 4.10

Joss Whedon at his finest.  Who else could pull off a silent episode without getting kitschy?

2. “Tabula Rasa” Buffy, 6.8

Best line ever: “Ready Randy?” “Ready Joan.”

1. “Once More with Feeling”  Buffy, 6.7

Let’s be real.  Buffy plus musical fun?  Obvs, it’s my all-time favorite.


Why Glee is my new favorite TV show September 28, 2009

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I didn’t like High School Musical, which is strange, considering my otherwise obsessive love of everything musical theater.

Don’t get me wrong. I was excited when Disney announced the movie musical because I am all about reviving the genre. I watched High School Musical. And I cried myself to sleep because I knew that musicals would never be the same… in a very bad way.

So when FOX announced their newest television show based on an Ohio high school glee club, I cringed. Glee looked just as saccharine sweet and ridiculously annoying as that Disney abomination mentioned above. I really didn’t think I could handle musical theater taking another blow from a program aimed directly at preteens. But as I watched the pilot episode of Glee, my opinion immediately changed.

Will Schuester is William McKinley High School’s passionate Spanish teacher turned glee club director. Schuester was part of a nationally acclaimed glee club in high school and, in the midst of ongoing marital problems, decides to become the new sponsor of the WMHS glee club. He begins recruiting new members and revamping the repertoire to be more modern.

creator Ryan Murphy is no stranger to high school dramedies. Murphy’s short-lived WB show Popular chronicled the lives of the students at Jacqueline Kennedy High School. Although it was canceled from the line-up in 2000, Popular has developed a cult following and Glee is reminiscent of the biting wit and sharp dialogue of Popular that resonated so deeply with teenage and adult audiences both.

The only problem with Glee’s plot is that it does echo slightly just about every other romantic dramedy ever produced. How many times can we watch the football player turn into the star of the glee club and fall for the quirky unpopular girl who takes everything way too seriously? Regardless of this corny plot point, I have faith that Ryan Murphy will twist it into something no one saw coming. That’s what he did with Popular and I don’t think Murphy will be okay with any more High School Musical comparisons.

I very much enjoyed the cast of the show, but Lea Michele bothered me just a bit. Michele comes to Glee straight from Broadway, and therein lies the problem. When performing on stage, an actor must over-exaggerate his or her movements, facial expressions, and dialogue. Michele’s performance is not bad, it’s just very Broadway and not Hollywood. However, with time, I believe her performance will improve. Regardless of her consistent overacting, Michele’s vocals are incredible.

My favorite moment from the pilot includes a show choir version of Journey’s hit “Don’t Stop Believing.” The use of popular music is part of what attracts audiences to the show and after hearing the cast’s rendition of Kanye West’s “Gold Digger” from episode two, I am personally planning on sticking around for the rest of the season.

All in all, Glee is a delightful change from regular Wednesday night programming. Ryan Murphy has created something so deliciously different, audiences, even those with little or no interest in musical theater, will scream for more.

And one thing’s for sure, you’ll never think of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” the same way again.


Happy Freakin’ Birthday, Sara!

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I’m blogging from my PW class, which, given is probably not the best idea ever, but whatevs.

Today is my roommate and best friend Sara Patchet’s 21st birthday.  Get excited.  She even wore her hot pink birthday ribbon to class this morning.  It’s pretty legit.

After Pride tonight, we’re going to BJ’s to get delicious dinner and pizookies.  Also, Sara will be taking her first legal drinks.  It’s very very strange for me to think that I now have a friend who can legally buy alcohol.  I mean, sure, I have a ton of friends from high school who have babies and even a few who are married, but there’s something about the whole legal purchasing of alcohol that just gives me a mega wiggins.

It’s going to be even stranger when my college friends start getting married because then I’ll feel really really old.

For now, I’ll settle with the legal alcohol.


Hell Week September 20, 2009

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This week has been awful.

I mean, really, terrible, made-me-want-to-kill-myself AWFUL.

Let’s start with our game last Saturday, which really is when the badness started.  We had Pride practice in Everest at 11:00 and it started raining at about 1:00.  Then it didn’t stop.  Until FRIDAY.

I’m not even kidding, it rained for almost an entire week.  Never in my life have I been so miserable because of the weather.

If that wasn’t bad enough, we had to stand in the pouring, freezing rain for all four quarters, even though it was pretty obvious that we were going to win by a pretty huge margin after the second quarter.  Did they call the game?  Did Mr. Britt take pity on our souls?  Of course not.  And I was already sick.  It only made it worse.  But we won, so hey. Small victories, right?

I also seem to have a tendency to bite off a little more than I can chew, so I was frantically trying to finish my profiles for the Visitors’ Guide, my freshman experience story for the yearbook, and also finishing my edits for the twirler story.  UGHHHHHHH.  I really love my major, but sometimes I get really really tired of words.  Sometimes, I wish they didn’t even exist, but then I realize what I just thought and I hate myself a little because without words, how would we read? Or speak? Or write?  Then I feel like a traitor to all my fellow writers.

Somehow though, I managed to get through it all without pulling my hair out and without even bursting into tears.  I have come to realize that my many emotional break-downs from last year can be blamed on Housing and Food.

Also, I’m now officially published on  Yeah, I mean, I guess I’m pretty legit.

I kind of epic failed having a theme for this week’s entry, but hey, it’s been a hell of a week.  I like to call it, Hell Week.