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Karma November 22, 2009

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I’ve always believed I had excellent karma.  I always donate change to the Salvation Army at Christmas and everyone knows that I’ll buy anything with a pink breast cancer ribbon on it.  I’m not openly mean to anyone and I don’t litter.  So in the grand scheme of things, I like to thing I’m doing okay for myself.

A few months ago I received a text message from a boy I thought I was in love with.  He had not only moved on, but he had moved on with a girl from my tiny high school.  I don’t think I need to mention how not friends she and I are.

I was crushed.  Mortified.  And all too tempted to see out his shiny black SUV and key not nice things into it.  I ignored everything I was hearing from back home that she had said about me and moved on.  On a campus of roughly 25,000 people, I didn’t think ignoring her would be that much of an issue.

I was proud of myself for the stoicism I was exhibiting.  Although I let my fear of being arrested keep me from actually keying his car or bitch-slapping her, I still like to think that my nonretaliation had some sort of positive influence on my life.  I never cried about it and when I told my mother about my resistance to vandalizing their belongings, she smiled and said, “Just remember karma.”

I expected karma to come back to them.  Maybe they would end up pregnant or contract an STD.  I didn’t really care what, I just wanted them to get what was coming to them.  I forgot that karma works both ways.

About a week ago, I got an idea for a yearbook feature of Whitney Hand.  However, in talks with a few different editors, I decided that my idea to feature one player could easily be expanded to an entire opening athletic package.  I honed my idea, thought out every kink until I had devised a plan.  Then I went to my content editor.

Katie loved the idea.  She made a few suggestions and said she would talk to the managing editor, Nicole.

On Friday morning, I arrived at the yearbook office for my desk hours.  I think I had been sitting for all of three minutes when Katie asked me if I wanted to pitch my idea for the package.  Nervously, I stood, took a shaky breath and explained my idea in detail to the table full of features editors.  They loved it too.

Writing the opening athletic package is a big BIG deal and a new staff member doing it is even bigger.  And that’s would have been enough for me.

There’s a lot more going on now, that I don’t want to say too much about because I’m very superstitious and don’t want to jinx anything.  But as soon as I know and can say more about it, I will for sure let my dear readers know.  All three of you.


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