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Top 10 Buffy and Angel Episodes September 29, 2009

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I forced my roommates to enter Whedon-verse.  They should probably thank me.

Last week, Entertainment Weekly posted an online article delineating the top 25 Whedon-verse episodes ever.  And while I’ve never seen Firefly or Dollhouse (although both are definitely on my Netflix list) I enjoyed the list and I decided to make my own.  Because I can.  So, here we go, Meghan’s top 10 Buffy/Angel episodes.

10. “Grave” Buffy, 6.22

The yellow crayon speech and Evil!Willow will always be two of my favorite things in Whedon-verse.

9. “Chosen” Buffy, 7.22

Although I’m not completely happy with the way the series ended, I still really, really love Spike in this episode. Another tear jerker.

8. “Lullaby” Angel. 3.9

Who would have thought that Darla of all people (or vampires) could and did redeem herself?

7. “Conversations with Dead People” Buffy, 7.7

Terrifies me.  Every single time.

6. “The Gift” Buffy, 5.22

Oh my lamb.  I have no words.

5. “Becoming Parts 1 and 2” Buffy, 2.21 and 2.22

“I love you…” makes me cry like a baby every single time.

4.  “I Will Remember You” Angel, 1.8

What’s worse: not being able to remember or having to?

3. “Hush” Buffy, 4.10

Joss Whedon at his finest.  Who else could pull off a silent episode without getting kitschy?

2. “Tabula Rasa” Buffy, 6.8

Best line ever: “Ready Randy?” “Ready Joan.”

1. “Once More with Feeling”  Buffy, 6.7

Let’s be real.  Buffy plus musical fun?  Obvs, it’s my all-time favorite.


One Response to “Top 10 Buffy and Angel Episodes”

  1. eowyn324 Says:

    This list is gold. lol. Also you found some pretty kick ass photos! If you love Buffy you’re going to REALLY love Firefly. Dollhouse… either you love it or you don’t. Its totally worth watching though (I suggest watching the unaired pilot first if you can get your hands on it, everything makes a little more sense if you do). But again, great post! 🙂

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