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Happy Freakin’ Birthday, Sara! September 28, 2009

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I’m blogging from my PW class, which, given is probably not the best idea ever, but whatevs.

Today is my roommate and best friend Sara Patchet’s 21st birthday.  Get excited.  She even wore her hot pink birthday ribbon to class this morning.  It’s pretty legit.

After Pride tonight, we’re going to BJ’s to get delicious dinner and pizookies.  Also, Sara will be taking her first legal drinks.  It’s very very strange for me to think that I now have a friend who can legally buy alcohol.  I mean, sure, I have a ton of friends from high school who have babies and even a few who are married, but there’s something about the whole legal purchasing of alcohol that just gives me a mega wiggins.

It’s going to be even stranger when my college friends start getting married because then I’ll feel really really old.

For now, I’ll settle with the legal alcohol.


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