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It’s (Still) Football Time in Oklahoma September 8, 2009

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We played our very first football game on Saturday.  And, let’s face it, unless you’ve been hidden under a rock since then, you know how it ended.  You probably also know that Sam Bradford (aka My Future Husband) has a second degree sprain in his throwing shoulder that will keep him out for two to four weeks.

It was probably a good thing I didn’t actually see him get injured because I’m pretty sure they would have arrested me for storming the field.

When the second half started and I realized that my friend Landry Jones (we’ll get to that in a paragraph or two) was playing instead of MFH, I was in a way very very happy, but also very very sad.  I knew that if anything was wrong with MFH’s shoulder, it wasn’t good for me.  It wasn’t good for him.  And it most definitely wasn’t good for Oklahoma.


So.  On to Little Landry Jones (and I say little, but really I mean 6’4″).  I went to my history discussion and completely expected to hate it, which I did, but I also got to meet little Landry.  Not to mention Dominique Franks, Carlee Roethlisberger (Ben’s little sister), and Jenny Vining.  They loved me when I baked for them (which it was really for French, but I didn’t tell them that).  Anyway.  I love Landry Jones.  He spent basically all of last semester cracking me up whether he knew it or not (I’m willing to bet most the time he didn’t).  I was very sad for  Sam when he got hurt, but I was also very proud of how Landry played.

And it’s kinda pissing me off.  Because people in the media keep ripping Landry apart.  It’s very true that he’s not Sam Bradford, but let’s be real, no one is.  Well, except Sam Bradford.  Now, I don’t know that much about football.  But I do know that Cowboys Stadium is ridic and that anyone would have been off at that game.  Look at Sam’s first half stats for confirmation of that statement.  Plus, Landry had seconds to prepare himself to go into the game.  Unfair.

So maybe I really am a glass half-full kind of person.  Or maybe I just don’t want to accept that we might have the worst season in a very long time.  Or maybe I just have faith in something bigger than me (that absolutely cannot be a Texas fan).  Either way, I still love my school, love my football, and love my quarterbacks.

Both of them.


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